This kit contains everything you need to play Tag Rugby, 14 x belts (7 of each 2 colours) for up to 33” waist, 1 x set of 50 spacemarkers, 1 x size 4 rugby ball, 1 x skinned foamed rugby ball, 1 x tag rugby book and a holdall.

Tag Rugby is designed for boys and girls as a non-contact game with uncontested scrums and lineouts, yet encouraging correct running lines and maximum use of the ball to create space. Players of two opposing teams wear a waist belt which has two coloured ‘tags’ attached to it with hook and loop fastenings.  As in traditional rugby, the objective is to score trys without the scorer losing one of their ‘tags’.  If a tag is pulled off this represents a tackle; the defender must shout, “TAG” and the player tackled must stop and immediately pass the ball to one of his or her team-mates.