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Nissen Leisure Heritage

Since our inception in 1983 we have grown through clear objectives and strategic planning. Our management team has the benefit of nearly 100 years of accumulated experience in the Sports, Physical Education and Fitness Industries.

Benefits Of Our Products

Our products are produced from only the finest quality materials and to the highest standards. We have a program of continuing training and development to ensure that our staff meets our demanding requirements.

We are proud of our products and our people, and we are proud of the fine International reputation that both have earned us.

Our ethos is that the customer must come first, second and last. Our research and development department not only develops new products and designs, but continuously strives to improve and update existing ones.

Our customer base is International and includes Town, County and District Councils, Schools, Universities and Colleges, Sports and Leisure Centres, Health Clubs, Hospitals, Fire and Police Services, TV and Film companies, Stunt Men, the Armed Forces, Holiday Camps, Leisure Parks, Trampoline Clubs, Gymnastic Clubs and many, many more.